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Анна Добрыднева

Anna Dobrydneva is known today as a popular popular singer and DJ, who in the past was the vocalist of a musical group called "Para Normal".

The artist was born in 1984 on December 23 in the city of Krivoy Rog. It was there that she began to actively develop, her creative career went "up". Initially, she studied at a music school, after which she decided to try herself in show business. Her first experience can be safely called participation in the musical group Mournful Gust.

The songs of Anna Dobrydneva enjoyed tremendous popularity, both among young audiences and among older people. If we compare her style at that time with what we can see today, then significant changes have taken place in her life and career.

At that time, Dobrydneva had African braids, she wore wide pants, her songs were unusually driving. Together with the team, she began touring all regions of Ukraine.

In addition, it was possible to get to her concert performances both in Moscow and in Belarus, where the first music collection “She’s My Grief” was recorded.

The singer was well aware that she needed to develop further. It was so ordered by fate that she was taken to the Stan collective for the role of keyboard player. However, she did not hold this position for more than a year.

After that she began to participate in the Karna group. Perfectly understanding what she needed, the girl slowly but confidently walked towards her goal.

At the onset of 2004, Anna begins to study at the Faculty of Music Pedagogy at the Dragomanov University in Kiev.

After three years, she was fortunate enough to become the vocalist of a musical group called "A Pair of Normal". The girl sang together with Ivan Dorn, after which the group managed to become extremely relevant and in demand. The band's compositions could be heard on radio waves and on TV, they were hummed by a huge number of people. In the first place in the rating was the song Happy End, the music channels played it incessantly.

Singing together with Ivan Dorn
The group "A pair of normal" constantly performed wherever it could. After a year of cooperation, they performed at the New Wave, from where three prizes were brought: a Muz-TV statuette, a tour to Spain and heart pendants with embedded diamonds, in which Alla Pugacheva herself had the honor to walk.

At the onset of 2010, Dorn decided to become a solo vocalist, as a result of which he was replaced by Artem Mekh, who is one of the "founders" of a television show in Ukraine, which was called "Star Factory-3".

Regarding the union of Artyom Mekh and Anna Dobrynina, the following can be said. The new roster was able to hold out for 4 years. Subsequently, Artem and Anya began to separately engage in their creative successes.

Now we can safely say that Anya is engaged in a solo career. Her first song was a composition written by her, which the world learned about in 2014.

Anna Dobrydneva instagram is definitely worth a look to get acquainted with her profile. There are Anna Dobrydneva photos that will definitely interest fans.